Into the Dark Canyon Wilderness!

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

ijhdoejof The path down Dark Canyon

Backpacking is the perfect recipe for misery: the majority of the trip you’re tired, sore, hungry and thirsty. Not only are you hiking long distances, day after day, over varying terrain, you’re doing it all with a 20 to 30 pound monkey on your back. Why would anybody put their bodies through such a wringer, on vacation, no less? Because despite all the aches, pains and annoyances, backpacking can take you some totally awesome places, places that aren’t reachable by any other means except your own two feet. Like Utah’s Dark Canyon Wilderness!

Into the Dark Canyon Wilderness! Just east of Natural Bridges national Monument in southeast Utah Into the Dark Canyon Wilderness! Just east of Natural Bridges National Monument in southeast Utah

A few weeks ago my trusty adventure pal Drew and I spent 4 days hiking a 42 mile loop down Woodenshoe Canyon to Dark Canyon and out Peavine Canyon. We saw two people the first day and none the rest…

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